3 Ways to Practice Gratitude to Live a Happer Life


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In my short time in this world, I’ve met plenty of happy people in my life, and I’ve noticed that these people don’t necessarily have the most abundant lifestyles. Inversely, I know plenty of people who live in abundance but are simply miserable every single day of their lives.

The only thing separating the happy people from miserable people is their mindset, and it has nothing to do with material wealth. Happy people practice gratitude, and unhappy people take things for granted.

If you’re already a happy person, that’s excellent! I’m pleased to hear that, and this blog post isn’t directed towards you. But if you feel like your life sucks and everything is unfair, try practicing more gratitude. Heed my advice below if you currently feel unhappy, because it could transform your life!

Accept that you already have everything you need to remain alive, and you don’t really require much more beyond that!

If you’re reading this blog, I will assume that all of your physiological requirements are being met. You’re adequately clothed, you have shelter to shield you from heat and cold exposure, plus you’ve had something to eat and drink within the past 24 hours. Anything beyond your basic needs is merely an accessory that you shouldn’t grow attached to.

You’ve eaten today. You’re lucky.

Grateful people accept the fact that they’re breathing and living. They realize that life should not be taken for granted because we’re all going to perish one day. Grateful people know death is inevitable, so they don’t waste time being miserable because they know that each day is an opportunity to be happy.

You should practice being grateful for being alive. Someplace in the world, someone is taking their last breath, and they’ll never have an opportunity to wake up again. Be grateful you’re not facing impending death or serious bodily injury.

You’re already successful because not everyone around the world is fortunate enough to have their basic physiological needs being satisfied consistently. You already have everything you need to stay alive another day!

Practice being optimistic about every problem by looking at the bright side of things!

When an episode happens in your life, there are two ways that you can respond. You can be optimistic, and see the glass half-full. Or you can be pessimistic, and see the glass half-empty.

I’m telling you right now to shift your mindset always to see the glass half full. When an event occurs in your life, you have complete control over how you will react. If your car has a flat tire and you need to replace it yourself, think of it as an opportunity to practice your mechanical abilities.

Start becoming more optimistic in life. The glass is half-full!

If you are fired or laid off from your job, think of it as an occasion to find another job that better suits your personality. Do you see where I’m going with this? Like comedian Katt Williams joked about, “if the power company shuts off your lights at home, think of it as an excuse to light the candles you’ve kept stashed at home.

I recently had to host a guest at my Airbnb who was a complete horror. Upon checking her him, she immediately became the most cynical guest I’ve ever had to host, and she complained about every single aspect of my Airbnb. She flooded me with snappy text messages numerous times during her 3-night stay, and there was nothing I could have done to please her.

Nevertheless, instead of being pessimistic about hosting her, I consciously chose to be optimistic about the circumstances. I could have let her efforts ruin my day, but I decided that’s not going to happen. Instead, I looked at dealing with her as an occasion to practice my tolerance for negative people. I would never want to host her again though!

Consider every single day as a gift

This point goes back to my first point. You need to realize that every single day is a gift, and you must take advantage to maximize the productive use of your day. I don’t like to sound grim, but I have to be frank to get this detail into your head and tell you tomorrow is not promised. You have an opportunity to live your best life every single day you’re alive, and you should be thankful for that.

Being alive every single day is a gift! Make the best use of your day!

I practice gratitude daily. I always look for the positive features of every event that transpires. I choose to find the good within the cynical. I’ve accepted that I have everything I need to live another day. If I lost all my tangible things, I would really be okay with that. And you should shift your thought into accepting the same.

I hope you’ll start looking at the bright side of every situation, especially if you want to be happy for the rest of your life.

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