6 Reasons Why Having Money Will Make You Happy


How Does Money Make You Happy?

Well…technically it doesn’t. Money itself can’t actually make you happy because it’s an inanimate object. Having money won’t automatically make you happy. However, you CAN achieve happiness if you use your money wisely to increase the quality of your life.

Here are 6 ways money makes me happy:

1. Money Makes Me Feel Safe and Secure

Saving and stashing away money brings me a sense of security and peace. The more money I have saved, the more secure and confident I become.

Money gives me a sense of confidence, because I know I’m prepared for most emergencies and unexpected life events. Trust me when I say this…emergencies will always happen and it’s something I’ve learned to anticipate.

My grandmother passed away recently. In order to attend her funeral, I had to take an international flight from Spain back home to San Diego, California. And I had to leave the next day to make it in time for the memorial service!

That last minute ticket costed me over $2,000 dollars. However, I was able to buy the plane ticket immediately without even stressing about it. The capability to move across the world without going into financial burden is why money is so important.

July 2018. I had to take a last minute flight home from Spain to San Diego, California for my grandmother’s funeral. I haven’t been home for years, so it was nice to be able to see my family, even under the most undesirable circumstance.

Things like a sudden death in your family, car repairs,  and other unexpected problems will eventually pop up in your life. It usually comes in a moment when you least expect it. If you have enough money stashed away, you’ll have an easier time to take care of these issues when they arise. If you don’t have any money saved, these emergencies can bring a lot of stress into your life. 

2. Money Gives Me the Ability to Travel and See the World

I personally love traveling, and I’m not afraid to spend a lot of money visiting new places. I’m always excited to see new sights, eat new and exotic food, and experience new cultures.

Traveling is amazing. When you travel it opens up your mind. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and grow your network of contacts.

I love to travel. Money can’t make happy, but traveling around the world seeing new places makes me happy…and I wouldn’t be able to do any of that without money.

A large network of contacts can provide you a path for new opportunities…and new opportunities means new ways to make money!

Another wonderful benefit of traveling is the knowledge you’ll gain from seeing the world first hand. First hand experience is the best method of learning!

3. Having Money Makes Me Optimistic About Life

When I was dead broke, I was grumpy and pissed off all the time. It’s hard for me to write this out, because I’m very ashamed of myself for these past feelings, but it’s the truth…I felt like a victim.

I hated my life and questioned why I couldn’t be born into a rich family. I hated myself for being born into a poor family, and I resented my parents because they aren’t rich.

Like I said, I’m ashamed of myself for having that victim mentality. However, now that I’ve completely mastered my personal finances, life has been much kinder to me. 

I’m very upbeat and optimistic about life. I love waking up in the morning and looking forward to enjoying the day ahead of me. 

I’ve trained myself to see opportunities in every situation. I accept new challenges in life and know every obstacle I encounter has a valuable learning lesson, and a chance to start something positive.

4. Money Gives Me the Ability to Take Advantage of Investment Opportunities

It usually takes money to make more money. For example, I set aside a little bit of money every month to invest in the stock market. I’m not Warren Buffet by any means, but it’s nice to see my money grow without me actively doing much.

I easily invest some of my money in the stock market using the Robin Hood App. I know the online retailer Amazon is going to take over the world, so I decided I want a piece of their action.

I bought a share of Amazon stock for $1,932.26. It was cool to have $2,000 sitting in one of my savings account. If I didn’t have any money, I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the ownership of Amazon.

I bought the share and the value of the stock has been increasing. It’s really exciting to see the value of my share increasing. 

If you ever wanted to start a business, guess what? You’re probably going to need some money. It doesn’t have to be much at all, but you need at least some capital to bootstrap your start-up business. 

I actually started an online side business in February selling on eBay with a very minimum amount of capital. It costed me less than $500 dollars to get started and I’ve currently generated over $18,000 dollars in gross sales within 6 months.

Screenshot of my total revenue so far for 2018, in my part-time eBay business. I eventually want to grow this business into a full-time income.


5. Money Can Be Given Away to Charity or to Help Family and Friends

I love the feeling of using my money to help out family and friends. It makes me proud to say that I can go out to dinner with my family and pay for the whole bill.

Three of my younger cousins recently went through a life changing experience last year. Their father was unexpectedly murdered. I felt obligated to help my cousins anyway I could and I was in a position to be able to help out financially.

I remember my cousin messaged me on instagram and asked me for some money to buy groceries. It was a great feeling to be able to tell him, “Don’t worry cuzzo, I got you”. I immediately sent him $200 through PayPal so he can go buy groceries. 

It feels good to have the ability to help my family when they’re in need.


Giving to a charitable cause is an amazing feeling. Screenshot of the money I sent to my cousin to help buy groceries.

There’s no better feeling in the world than to be helpful to others. Money gives you the ability to help others, and the sensation you’ll receive from contributing to society is extremely wonderful. 

6. Money is Required for My Most Basic Necessities

This is pretty obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that if I didn’t have money, I wouldn’t be able to have the most basic things I needed to survive. I have a mortgage, utility bills, a car that runs on gasoline, grocery expenses, etc…

My wife and I in front of our first home we bought together. It costs money to live comfortably and put a have a roof over our heads.

Without money, I wouldn’t be able to have any of these things. If I couldn’t meet my basic living needs, I’d be pretty miserable. If I’m a miserable person, I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything positive to the world. If anything, I’d become a burden for others if I weren’t able to take care of myself.

Without your basic living needs met, you’re not gonna be able to focus on anything beyond trying to stay alive. So yes money is important because you literally need it to live and grow as a person.

Do you understand how money can make you happy?

I’ve given you 6 reasons how money makes me happy. Do you agree with the reasons I gave you? 

How does money make you happy? 

Let me know in the comments what you think about money. I’d love to read about your perspective and your experience on the subject. I’m always excited to talk about money and personal finance, so start a conversation with me in the comments.


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